Regional Coaches of the n-type Coach Type

HEROS offers coaches of types ABnrz, Bnrz, Bnrdz, and Bnrdzf for sale and lease.

The so-called n-type coaches are the backbone of regional passenger transportation in Germany. Between 1958 and 1980, over 5000 type ‘n’ coaches were built. The coaches have a stainless steel coach body. Today, the coaches are painted.

There is a significant number of different models of n-type coach. In principle, the coaches with shoe brakes and bogies MD42 and LD42 are distinguished from vehicles with disc brakes and bogies MD43 and LD43. HEROS currently only offers n-type coaches with disc brakes.

Along with the n-type coaches with MD bogies, there is also a number of vehicles equipped with Görlitz-Prag GP200 bogies.

Originally, many n-type coaches were equipped with axle-driven generators. The current for lighting the coaches was created by these generators. All n-type coaches available from HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock today are equipped with a battery charger (BLG) which is fed from the train power supply line.

There are also differences easily recognisable to the passengers:

  • ABnrz coaches with first and second class areas
  • Bnrz coaches with second class seats
  • Bnrdz coaches with a multipurpose area with folding seats and normal second class seats
  • Bnrdzf driving trailers (US: control trailers)

The n-type coaches were produced by a variety of vehicle manufacturers and contemporary Deutsche Bahn repair workshops. There were also conversions in various workshops, some abroad in Europe. Therefore, there is a variety of different interiors.

An essential characteristic of the n-type coach is that almost the entire floor space of the coach is used for the passenger area. This produces a high number of passengers, a comfortable seating arrangement, and free space between the seats.

The n-type coaches are distinguished by a high permitted load and low tare weight. They are both energy-saving to operate and quick to accelerate compared to other sitting coaches.

Links to n-Type Coaches available at HEROS

You can click on the photgraphs below to go to the web-page with detailed information on the individual types of coaches:

csm Passenger Rail Car ABnrz chair car 6972cbff66 First and second class passenger coaches ABnrz

csm Regional Coach Bnrz open plan carriage f1dabf908c Second class passenger coaches Bnrz

csm Regional Coach Bnrdz open aisle car ed18cb3fd6 Second class passenger coaches with multi-purpose area Bnrdz

csm Regional Driving Trailer Coach Bnrdzf 477 Control Cab Car daf3c064ae Second class trailer control cars Bnrdzf