Regional Coaches of the n-type Coach Type

HEROS offers coaches of types ABnrz, Bnrz, Bnrdz, and Bnrdzf for sale and lease.

The so-called n-type coaches are the backbone of regional passenger transportation in Germany. Between 1958 and 1980, over 5000 type ‘n’ coaches were built. The coaches have a stainless steel coach body. Today, the coaches are painted.

There is a significant number of different models of n-type coach. In principle, the coaches with shoe brakes and bogies MD42 and LD42 are distinguished from vehicles with disc brakes and bogies MD43 and LD43. HEROS currently only offers n-type coaches with disc brakes.

Along with the n-type coaches with MD bogies, there is also a number of vehicles equipped with Görlitz-Prag GP200 bogies.

Originally, many n-type coaches were equipped with axle-driven generators. The current for lighting the coaches was created by these generators. All n-type coaches available from HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock today are equipped with a battery charger (BLG) which is fed from the train power supply line.

There are also differences easily recognisable to the passengers:

  • ABnrz coaches with first and second class areas
  • Bnrz coaches with second class seats
  • Bnrdz coaches with a multipurpose area with folding seats and normal second class seats
  • Bnrdzf driving trailers (US: control trailers)

The n-type coaches were produced by a variety of vehicle manufacturers and contemporary Deutsche Bahn repair workshops. There were also conversions in various workshops, some abroad in Europe. Therefore, there is a variety of different interiors.

An essential characteristic of the n-type coach is that almost the entire floor space of the coach is used for the passenger area. This produces a high number of passengers, a comfortable seating arrangement, and free space between the seats.

The n-type coaches are distinguished by a high permitted load and low tare weight. They are both energy-saving to operate and quick to accelerate compared to other sitting coaches.

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