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Locomotives in the BR218 series have been for many years the most widespread series of diesel locomotives in passenger transportation in Germany. The BR218 is part of the family of V160 locomotives, which includes the BR210, BR215, BR216, BR217, BR218, BR219, BR225, and BR226. They were produced by the manufacturers Krupp, Henschel, Krauss-Maffei, and MaK.

V160 locomotives are used, among others, in France as construction locomotives, in Belgium for freight transportation, and in Italy. BR218 were also used as medium heavy freight transportation locomotives.

The BR218 was optimised for applications in passenger transportation and has a generator with convertor to feed the train power supply line. Thus, using hydraulic power transmission, the same diesel engine for driving the locomotive can be used to implement cooling and also provide the energy supply for the attached coaches for light, control, and if applicable climate control.

The BR 218 from the V160 family of locomotives is equipped with hydrodynamic power transmission. This type of power transmission has demonstrated very good performance results in Germany. Compared to vehicles with diesel-electric power transmission systems, replacement parts of hydrodynamic gears are obtainable by mechanical workshops.

The BR218 is generally equipped with a 36-pin discrete Deutsche Bahn push-pull train control (conventional push-pull train control). In part, the coaches are also provided with time division multiplex push-pull train controls via UIC cable in accordance with UIC 568 or information and control lead.

The BR218 available at HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH have a diesel engine from MTU, Type TB11. This generates a diesel engine performance of 2060 kW.

The BR218 can be operated in double traction and also feed jointly from a train power supply line.

In comparison to currently manufactured diesel locomotives, the BR218 demonstrates noteworthy characteristic values in

  • Engine performance per total weight
  • Starting tractive effort per total weight

Diesel Locomotive BR218

v max [km/h]: 140km/h; low gear 100km/h
Description: The BR 218 locomotive is a diesel locomotive with hydraulic power transmission, a drive type which is widespread in Germany. It is still use