HEROS Rail Rent GmbH acquires another Regio-Shuttle RS1 for spare parts

15.05.2024 // HEROS Rail Rent GmbH acquires another Regio-Shuttle RS1 for spare parts

The Regio-Shuttle RS1 BR 650.318, originally operated by DB Regio, was transported by Kübler Spedition from the Upper Swabia region to OWS in Weiden in der Oberpfalz at the beginning of May.

HEROS sells another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s to České dráhy

02.10.2023 // HEROS sells another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s to České dráhy

At the beginning of September 2023, České dráhy and HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock concluded a purchase contract for the delivery of another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s.

HEROS is leasing BR 218 Diesel Locomotive to Lokdienste Braun

18.01.2023 // HEROS Leasing BR 218 Diesel Locomotive to Start-up Company Lokdienste Braun

Since 1 January 2023, HEROS Rail Rent has been leasing a 218 diesel locomotive to Lokdienste Braun GmbH.

České dráhy purchases 11 RegioShuttle RS1

12.01.2023 // České dráhy purchases further eleven RegioShuttle RS1s

At the end of 2022, HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock and České dráhy entered into a contract for the delivery of a further eleven RegioShuttle RS1s.

Rurtalbahn rents RegioShuttle RS1

07.09.2022 // Rurtalbahn rents RegioShuttle RS1 from HEROS on long-term basis

Since the beginning of September 2022, Rurtalbahn GmbH has been renting a series 3 RegioShuttle RS1 from HEROS Rail Rent on a long-term basis.

ODEG rents RegioShuttle RS1 from HEROS

25.01.2022 // ODEG rents a RegioShuttle RS1 from HEROS on a long-term basis

With the timetable change 2021/2022, ODEG, Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH, will be using a RegioShuttle RS1 of the third series on various lines in its route network.

SWEG sells RegioShuttle RS1 to HEROS

09.12.2021 // SWEG sells the last RegioShuttle RS1 without automatic couplings to HEROS

Following the purchase of two more RegioShuttle RS1s, HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock has now acquired a total of 26 of this vehicle type from SWEG.

Hohenzollerische Landesbahn’s Regio-Shuttles to begin operating in the Czech Republic

22.12.2020 // 24 vehicles were sold after many years of service on the Zollernalb railway lines

Since the timetable change on Sunday, 13 December 2020, the SWEG transport company Hohenzollerische Landesbahn has been using modern Lint 54 diesel multiple units from Alstom on the Zollernalb lines.

SKPL acquires 3-car DMUs of 614/914 series

09.07.2019 // SKPL Cargo Sp. z o.o. purchases VT614/VM914 diesel multiple units

Polish transport company SKPL Cargo Sp. z o.o. (SKPL for short) has acquired the last multiple-unit train set of the 614/914 series owned by HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock. The diesel multiple unit expands the fleet of vehicles of this series that SKPL purchased in 2018 and that it already acquired back in 2017 from the assets in insolvency of a Polish company.

HEROS passenger coaches for Leo Express

20.02.2018 // Bimz 264 passenger coaches from HEROS as a supplement for Leo Express

Since mid-December 2017, HEROS Rail Rent has been providing up to two passenger coaches for the passenger transport of Leo Express between Stuttgart and Berlin.

ELBA acquires two locomotives from HEROS

01.02.2018 // ELBA acquires two BR218 locomotives previously leased from HEROS

At the end of 2017, ELBA Logistik bought two series 218 diesel locomotives that had previously been leased from HEROS.

Pullman car for Continental Classic Express

02.11.2017 // HEROS sells two classic restaurant cars to Continental Classic Express

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock has sold two WRmh 132.1 type restaurant cars to the Hungarian railway company Continental Railway Solution Kft. (CRS). The classic restaurant cars had been leased to CRS by HEROS Rail Rent GmbH since 2014 within the framework of a leasing contract, and the customer has now taken advantage of its purchase option after three years.

Bombardier rents vehicles for measurement runs

24.10.2017 // Bombardier Transportation rents brake vans for measurement runs

In the period between July and September 2017, Bombardier Transportation rented four RIC main-line coaches as brake vans for the test and certification runs of various TRAXX locomotives in Switzerland.
The Bimz 264 type vehicles were provided by HEROS Rail Rent in full service. For this scope of services, HEROS organised the transport to the Swiss border and back and took care of on-site maintenance with its mobile service personnel.

Additional HEROS 218 Series in Use at ELBA

07.09.2017 // ELBA is leasing a second 218 series diesel locomotive from HEROS

Since June 2017, HEROS Rail Rent has been leasing another 218 series diesel locomotive to ELBA Logistik GmbH.
The 218 series 117-0 previously in use by HSL Logistik is now stationed in Bietigheim-Bissingen together with the 218 series 256-6 that has been on lease since 2015. Along with other diesel locomotives of this series, ELBA Logistik is primarily using these two locomotives for freight and work trains. HEROS may temporarily lease the locomotives to other third parties whenever they have available capacities. ELBA Logistik will directly perform the routine maintenance or will outsource it to third parties. HEROS will contract the heavy maintenance work, however.

HEROS Leasing More Passenger Coaches to Locomore

11.04.2017 // Locomore Leasing a Total of 6 Passenger Coaches from HEROS

On 6 April 2017, HEROS Rail Rent provided Locomore with four more passenger coaches. Depending on capacity requirements, the coaches will be deployed as extras on the basis of a pay-by-use contract. Locomore will thus have a total of six Bimz 264 coaches for transporting passengers between Stuttgart and Berlin. The coaches were previously parked in Neustrelitz and were made operational in the Netinera plants. Depending on how passenger traffic continues to develop, the provision of more passenger coaches from HEROS’ inventory is conceivable at any time and may occur at short notice.

HEROS passenger coach permanently in use at Locomore

17.02.2017 // Locomore is permanently renting coaches from HEROS via a Pay by Use contract

Since mid-December 2016, Locomore has been renting two passenger coaches to transport passengers between Stuttgart and Berlin.
Following successful use of the two Bimz 264 during the launch of Locomore on the basis of a conventional rental agreement for a two-month period, the agreement has now been changed to a Pay by Use Contract. The coaches will be used by Locomore long term as additional coaches. In the HEROS Pay by Use concept, rental payments are only due for the days on which the passenger coaches are actually in use. For some time now HEROS Rail Rent has been successfully realising similar concepts with other clients in conjunction with the transfer of locomotives. In this context, HEROS Rail Rent has taken a conscious decision to offer a payment scheme aligned to the availability of the rail vehicles and also contributes to the capacity utilisation risks of its partners.

Fadak Train makes its debut in Iran

15.07.2016 // Fadak Train: HEROS supplies 133 passenger coaches to Iran

Over the past two years, HEROS has supplied 133 used RIC passenger coaches to Iranian rail company Rail Pardaz System (Tehran). The sitting coaches with a maximum speed of 200 km/h will be converted in Iran for use as night train rolling stock. The vehicles are being turned into comfortable sleeper and couchette coaches. The first rebuilt vehicles are already travelling between Tehran and Qom.

Siemens rents brake vans from HEROS for test runs

10.12.2015 // Siemens rents brake vans from HEROS

Siemens/HEROS: For certification runs of Vetron MS, Siemens AG has rented four brake vans with full service for Italy from HEROS Rail Rent GmbH. The RIC passenger coaches can be operated with a top speed of 200 km/h and are equipped for use with standard European voltage systems. HEROS organised the transport of the passenger coaches to and from the Italian border and is responsible for the local maintenance in Italy.

HEROS BR 218 in use in southern and south-western Germany

04.12.2015 // HEROS BR218 at ELBA Logistik stationed in Bietigheim-Bissingen

ELBA/HEROS: On 26 November 2015, ELBA Logistik took over a diesel locomotive from the 218 series in Bremen, Germany.
To be stationed in Bietigheim-Bissingen, the BR 218 256-6 will be used by ELBA Logistik GmbH primarily for freight and track maintenance traffic and also has free capacity for third-party use. HEROS provides the locomotive for long-term rent, including maintenance services, while ELBA is responsible for performing or contracting some of the maintenance. HEROS has more series 218 locomotives which will gradually be made ready for operation in the coming months and will be offered for both rent and sale.

BTE BahnTouristik-Express purchases InterRegio coach

04.12.2015 // BTE Bahn Touristik-Express GmbH purchases passenger coach from HEROS

BTE/HEROS: At the beginning of November 2015, BTE BahnTouristik-Express GmbH purchased a multi-voltage capable passenger coach from HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH.
BTW will use the Bimdz, with its wider boarding doors to the multi-purpose area, in a variety of projects.

Relocation of the headquarters of the Swiss HEROS companies to Rheinfelden

13.10.2015 // Relocation and cooperation agreement with Engineering Steinegger GmbH

Engineering Steinegger GmbH/HEROS On October 1, 2015, the Swiss HEROS companies will move their headquarters from Zürich to Rheinfelden in the canton of Aargau. As part of a cooperation agreement with Engineering Steinegger GmbH, HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock and HEROS America Middle-East Asia will be moving into joint office space in Rheinfelden.

New services and testing for railway rolling stock

06.10.2015 // Cooperation between AREVA GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH in the marketing of testing services and test devices

AREVA/HEROS At the end of September 2015, AREVA GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH reached an agreement on the marketing of testing facilities and mobile testing of axles and wheels, as well as additional consulting, laboratory, and testing services in connection with the construction and maintenance of railway rolling stock. In the future, HEROS will market the extensive and wide-ranging expertise of AREVA to the rail market in the field of material testing and quality management. With its years of experience in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants, AREVA has thorough knowledge of both safety-related, high-stress mechanical systems and control engineering facilities and diagnostic systems. The business areas and customer relationships already developed by AREVA in the rail industry will be further extended with the help of its new partner. The goal is to establish additional services and mobile testing using the already familiar testing units and systems UFPE, AURA, and VPS, especially for medium-sized companies in the rail industry.

New CEO at HEROS America Middle-East Asia GmbH

06.10.2015 // Ulrich Fackert appointed to the Executive Board of HEROS America Middle-East Asia GmbH

Effective January 1, 2015, Ulrich Fackert has been appointed to the Executive Board of HEROS America Middle-East Asia GmbH, replacing the previous spokesman Uwe Sauer, who will be focusing on his work for the parent company HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH. Mr. Fackert has worked for six years as Regional Director of Sales&Projects in the HEROS Group.

HEROS BR 218 in Operation in Northern Germany

24.09.2015 // HSL Logistik GmbH: long-term lease on diesel locomotive from HEROS Rail Rent.

HSL Logistik GmbH has taken a long-term lease on a diesel locomotive from HEROS Rail Rent.
The BR 218 117-0 was delivered to HSL Logistik GmbH’s Bremen plant at the end of September. The locomotive will be stationed in Hamburg and will handle demand-oriented traffic services in goods traffic, building logistics, and passenger traffic. We are pleased to have gained a new customer in Germany with this project.

Restructuring of the HEROS Group

24.09.2015 // Merger of HEROS Südosteuropa, HEROS Northern Europe and HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock

In June 2015, the two Swiss companies HEROS Südosteuropa GmbH and HEROS Northern Europe GmbH merged with their parent company HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH. HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock took over their business operations and now markets used railway rolling stock in Europe, including Turkey. HEROS America Middle-East Asia continues to be responsible for marketing outside of Europe, while HEROS Rail Rent is responsible for the leasing and rental business. This streamlining of the corporate structure is part of a change of ownership. ReRail Invest&Management GmbH has been the sole shareholder of HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH since the end of 2014.