Fadak Train makes its debut in Iran

15.07.2016 // Fadak Train: HEROS supplies 133 passenger coaches to Iran

Over the past two years, HEROS has supplied 133 used RIC passenger coaches to Iranian rail company Rail Pardaz System (Tehran). The sitting coaches with a maximum speed of 200 km/h will be converted in Iran for use as night train rolling stock. The vehicles are being turned into comfortable sleeper and couchette coaches. The first rebuilt vehicles are already travelling between Tehran and Qom.

The vehicles were transported to Iran overland. As part of the modernisation, the railcar bodies and bogies were thoroughly overhauled under the technical supervision of a Swiss engineering firm, and a new air conditioning system and electrical system adapted to Iranian requirements were installed. The interior was completely replaced and adapted to modern travel standards using a typically Iranian design. After the extensive upgrade, the vehicles now offer passengers a luxurious interior and very spacious compartment design (four passengers per compartment). In addition, the cars were equipped with an oriental toilet system, while an entertainment system was installed in each compartment. Passengers can also enjoy an exclusive catering service in the compartment. The rebuilt coaches form their own 20-car trains and are operated by Rail Pardaz System under its own brand name Fadak Train.