Diesel multiple units for lease and sale at HEROS

HEROS currently offers the following diesel multiple units for lease and sale:

The characteristic of the multiple unit, multiple unit train, or EMU/DMU is that the traction unit trains are independently powered, that is they do not need a locomotive. This takes place in the EMU or electric multiple unit via an electric traction system, which draws its energy from the overhead line during travel.

In the diesel multiple unit or DMU, the drive of the diesel railcar comes from diesel engines, which are integrated in the vehicle in a variety of performance versions. The version depends on the number of units to be driven (railbus – one piece, diesel multiple unit – up to 6 pieces) and the individual requirements of the route and customer.

The concept of the electric multiple unit or the multiple unit driven by diesel engines is then particularly economical when the number of passengers, for example on non-electrified lines or local routes temporarily fluctuate heavily.

Railcar RegioShuttle RS1, series 1, regional transport

v max [km/h]: 120 km/h
Description: The RegioShuttle RS1 are modern, single-unit diesel railcars for public transport by rail, which is generally operated on non-electrified br

Diesel Multiple Unit VT 628 / VM 928

v max [km/h]: 120km/h
Description: The VT628 diesel multiple unit consists of two individual coaches in the basic configuration. With the availability of stronger and more rel