Rental and Leasing of Railway Vehicles

The renting or leasing of railway vehicles is offered for selected vehicle types in optimised vehicle concepts. The offer consists of supplying ready-to-use, individually adapted sitting coaches, locomotives and multiple units through modification, revision, refurbishment and maintenance from additional service concepts in various versions.

HEROS Rail Rent GmbH offers service and leasing solutions with a customer-specific arrangement of the scope of services. The following basic concepts provide the starting point for an individual solution:


Dry Lease

The “Dry Lease” concept involves the provision of vehicles within the framework of leasing, but without HEROS rendering any of its other services. The lessee itself is responsible for maintaining vehicles, procuring replacement parts and performing other activities (modification, refurbishment, revision, etc.).


Material Service

The “Material Service” concept involves the provision of rental vehicles along with supplying replacement parts for on-site maintenance, based on agreed-upon travel distances. HEROS has an extensive database on replacement part requirements for its own vehicles, depending on the operating parameters in each instance and the procurement of the specific replacement parts. Maintenance is performed in the workshops chosen by the lessee that are best suited to its operating concept. A monthly lump sum is calculated for the rent and all replacement part costs from required maintenance that is scheduled at regular intervals or dependent on travel distances.


Shared Service

The “Shared Service” concept is appealing to operators that have their own workshops which can be taken advantage of logistically in the overall operating concept. The lessor provides the vehicles and commissions the workshops with performing the maintenance service, while taking responsibility for ensuring that the service is rendered properly and adheres to the agreed-upon operating parameters. For the lessee, the monthly expenses for rent and maintenance in normal operation can be calculated on the basis of firmly agreed-upon prices. At the same time, logistical time and effort is reduced and the capacity utilisation of the operator’s or third party’s workshops is optimised.


Full Service

For the “Full Service” concept, the lessor provides the leasing vehicles in the desired design and is fully responsible for their scheduled and corrective maintenance on the basis of the agreed-upon parameters. The lessor takes responsibility for performing maintenance on the vehicles in a timely fashion and then making them available to the lessee again on the basis of a coordinated maintenance plan. The lump sum for rent and maintenance covers the use of the vehicles, the maintenance services and the provision of replacement parts, since everything is covered by the lump-sum rental fee except for risks specific to the operation, such as accidents or vandalism. The lessor chooses the maintenance sites based on the particular deployment situation of the lessee and supports the latter in optimally planning the deployment.


Additional Services

Financing concepts and solutions for modifying and modernising vehicles to optimise their use for transport are just as much a part of the service portfolio of HEROS as are other services for maintenance, technical adaptation and authorisation. Sustainable solutions are worked out in tandem with thorough advice from experts.