The HEROS Group consists of two companies for the sale of rail vehicles in Europe and outside of Europe as well as HEROS Rail Rent GmbH for the leasing of rail vehicles.

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH sells locomotives, passenger coaches, multiple units, and other rail vehicles in Europe. They offer public and private railway transportation companies and vehicle suppliers interesting vehicle concepts to cover short term, medium term, and long term transportation solutions. In addition, owners and operators of railway (US: rail) vehicles are offered the marketing of their vehicles accompanied by valuations for used passenger coaches (US: railcars) (incl. sitting coaches, couchette coaches, sleeper coaches, restaurant cars, and restaurant & buffet cars), multiple units, and locomotives.

HEROS America Middle East Asia GmbH is the contact for transportation companies, operators, and workshops outside of Europe that are planning to acquire used railway vehicles. There, experts will advise you extensively with regard to the services which are essential and necessary in delivery and service projects outside of Europe.

HEROS Rail Rent GmbH is responsible for the rental and leasing of railway vehicles. The company offers rental solutions for selected railway vehicles in the area of local passenger transportation, national and international long-distance transportation, and motive power in passenger and freight transportation using diesel locomotives. With its service concepts (full service, shared service, material service, dry lease) for the leased vehicles, it meets the individual needs and desires of the individual railway company, railway vehicle operator, or vehicle provider.



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