Sale of Railway Vehicles

The HEROS Group sells diesel locomotives, multiple units, and passenger coaches in used condition through the marketing companies HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH and HEROS America Middle East Asia GmbH. Vehicles which can find long-term use in passenger traffic are sold. Based on proven vehicle concepts – for example, with reversible train (US: push-pull train) operationlocal transportation sitting coaches and long-distance transportation with RIC approval are offered. When needed, these are rounded out with special vehicles – restaurant cars, buffet cars, sleeper coaches, and couchette coaches.

HEROS supports its customers with a variety of services for the railway vehicles it sells, for example, with necessary conversions or adaptations, revisions, and the supply of replacement parts. Advice and consulting services are offered in connection with the measures for national or international vehicle approval.

Questions of national and local added value, the training of employees in maintenance, driver training, and national characteristics with regard to technical, commercial, and legal aspects, are considered individually and customer-specific by the experts at HEROS for each sale and compiled into a total service package.