HEROS – the Specialist in Used Railway Rolling Stock

As a specialist for used rail vehicles, HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH offers economic and proven concepts and solutions for the deployment of used rolling stock. Concept solutions are tailored to the specific needs and rounded off with technical and cost-effective vehicle offers. To this end, HEROS draws from its own portfolio of more than 150 vehicles, which have established themselves in reliable concepts within the railway industry. The used vehicles – with and without traction – are used for transporting passengers – both local and long-distance transport – and freight. In the past, these used vehicles had been in constant operation inside and outside of Germany. They were valued for their reliability and simple handling and optimised for their respective applications.

Together with its subsidiaries HEROS America Middle East Asia GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH, HEROS is offering diesel locomotives, passenger carriages and coaches (US: cars) for local and long distance transport and diesel-driven multiple units for sale within Europe and around the world or for leasing. Even special vehicles , such as sleeper coaches (sleeping cars), couchette coaches, and restaurant coaches (dining cars) are included in the extensive range of vehicles offered. As a specialist for railway vehicles and their deployment concepts, HEROS supplements its portfolio of rolling stock with various service and leasing concepts, such as full service, shared service, material service or dry service. This is rounded off with extensive and individually tailored services, including fleet management, technical controlling and training offers for the various types of railway vehicles and their different deployment areas.

HEROS prepares the vehicles from its own vehicle fleet for the specific customer and technically adapts them before they are delivered and deployed. Depending on the customer's preferences, this is done for sold or leased vehicles, provided that they need to meet certain quality requirements for the specific use. National aspects with respect to added value are also accounted for when processing the project for each of the future countries of deployment, particularly with regard to international use. This is the same practice used for national and international railway operators of rolling stock, for which HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH handles the marketing. If bridging solutions become necessary when new vehicles are being procured, HEROS is able to help cover the transition between the times that old vehicles are decommissioned and new vehicles are deployed. The flexible use of HEROS’ own vehicle fleet makes it possible to maintain existing transport services during the transition phases.

Furthermore, HEROS assists its customers with assessing and evaluation of used vehicles or vehicle fleets. HEROS estimates the residual value risks of vehicles and vehicle fleets for operators and financial service providers thanks to its broad market knowledge and assesses them on a case-by-case basis. The results of technical vehicle assessment and the parallel consideration of each current market situation provide a detailed picture of the residual value of a vehicle. The operators and owners profit significantly from the residual value calculations that are the result of holistic consulting and a systematic assessment with respect to the time-optimised marketing process of the vehicles that are being released.