HEROS – the Specialist in Used Railway Rolling Stock

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH offers economic and competent solutions in the marketing of second-hand rolling stock. HEROS draws from its own portfolio of over 200 vehicles which are brought into use in proven concepts for passenger rail and freight transportation. The used vehicles have proven their value over the long term in use within Germany.

Through its subsidiaries HEROS America Middle East Asia GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH, HEROS provides diesel locomotives, passenger carriages and coaches (US: cars) for local and long distance transportation as well as multiple units for sale or lease. Special vehicles, such as sleeper coaches (US: sleeping cars), couchette coaches, and restaurant coaches (US: dining cars) are part of the extensive range of vehicles. The portfolio of rolling stock is rounded out with a variety of service and leasing concepts, such as full service, shared service, and material service.

The vehicles from its vehicle fleet are custom prepared and technically adapted before they are provided and put into use. National aspects of value creation are also taken into account in the project handling. The same is practised with rolling stock from railway operators for whom HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH has taken on marketing. In transitional solutions, the period between the transfer of the old vehicles and the use of the new vehicles can be bridged using the flexibly useable in-house vehicle fleet.

Furthermore, HEROS supports its customers in the evaluation of used vehicles. HEROS estimates the residual value risk of vehicles and vehicle fleets for operators through a broad understanding of the market and evaluates them individually. The operators and owners benefit significantly from the residual value revenues which result from the systematic consultation and evaluation with regard to the marketing process of the vehicles which have been released.