HEROS sells another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s to České dráhy

02.10.2023 // HEROS sells another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s to České dráhy

At the beginning of September 2023, České dráhy and HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock concluded a purchase contract for the delivery of another sixteen RegioShuttle RS1s.

This contract, now for the third delivery package, increases the number of RegioShuttle RS1s sold by HEROS to the Czech State Railways to a total of 49. Before being deployed in the Czech Republic, all traction units will undergo extensive rebuilding and – where necessary – another major overhaul. HEROS is collaborating in this endeavour with OWS in Weiden / Oberpfalz, Germany. Before being handed over to the customer, the vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair-accessible toilet and a wheelchair place, amongst other things. Furthermore, due to specific requirements of the regional commissioning authorities, České dráhy will be making additional adaptations to the Czech train protection system before deployment in the Czech Republic. Additional services may include a passenger information system, power sockets, WiFi equipment or even a specific colour scheme.

At the same time the further purchase contract was signed, a prototype vehicle for the described conversion services from the previous delivery package of eleven vehicles was presented.

The sixteen vehicles were acquired together with further RegioShuttle RS1s by HEROS and are being used for various projects.

Engine car DMU Regio Shuttle RS1 ADtranz Series1 Air Conditioned Wifi installed receiving PMR toilet