České dráhy purchases 11 RegioShuttle RS1

12.01.2023 // České dráhy purchases further eleven RegioShuttle RS1s

At the end of 2022, HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock and České dráhy entered into a contract for the delivery of a further eleven RegioShuttle RS1s.

This contract increases the number of RegioShuttles sold by HEROS to the Czech State Railways to a total of 33. The additionally sold vehicles undergo extensive conversion work before being used in the Czech Republic and all receive a new general inspection. Before operations commence in the Czech Republic, the vehicles will be equipped with fittings including a wheelchair-accessible toilet, Wi-Fi, sockets, and a new passenger information system as well as Czech train protection and radio equipment. A large share of the services is provided on behalf of HEROS by OWS in Weiden/Oberpfalz (Germany).

The additionally sold vehicles were used on various networks in south-west Germany in the past and were acquired by HEROS in recent months along with other RegioShuttles. Based on current planning, HEROS will have acquired at least 40 vehicles of this type by the end of 2023, which will be used for various projects.

 Diesel Railbus, Regio Shuttle RS1, building type 1, low floor area, airconditioned, photo Martin Mueller