Passenger Coaches for Lease and Sale at HEROS

HEROS offers passenger coaches for a variety of purposes and speed ranges for lease and sale and has categorised them accordingly:

  • Long-distance transportation coaches for international long-distance transportation (for example, RIC coaches such as Inter-Regio coaches and couchette coaches) and national long-distance transportation (for example, Talgo coaches up to 140 km/h). The international long-distance coaches at HEROS are approved for permitted top speeds from 160 km/h to 200 km/h.
  • Local transportation coaches used for regional traffic. The regional coaches at HEROS have, as a rule, permitted top speeds of up to 140 km/h.

The passenger coach or passenger carriage is the traditional and most efficient solution for the transportation of passengers. Modern-design passenger coaches are still able to offer the best comfort for passengers, because only the technology required for the passengers themselves or for the coach is housed in the passenger coach. The passenger coach can thus achieve high availability with good maintainability.

Along with comfort and high availability, passenger coaches have the advantage that they can be easily assembled into trains of various lengths and adaptation to national requirements is possible. Therefore, passenger coaches are ideal for many areas of use. In combination with locomotives, passenger coaches offer high flexibility for a wide variety of operating requirements in leasing, replacement services, and transportation contracts.

HEROS offers passenger coaches for lease and sale.