Inter-Regio Coaches, Generalities

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH offers Inter-Regio coaches of the types Aimz 261, Bimz 264, ABimdz 265, and Bimdz 268 for lease and sale.

The vehicle types 261, 264, 265, and 268 were built between 1988 and 2000. As part of the acquisition of aesthetically striking coaches for Inter-Regio transportation, compartment coaches of types Am 203, ABm 225, Bm 234, or Bm 235 were used as ‘donor’ coaches and were adapted to modern ideas of seating concepts.

The layout of the passenger area of these day coaches is designed so that compartments are arranged at the ends of the coach with several open gangway spaces in the middle. A door separates the open gangway spaces from the gangways. This particular configuration offers advantages to the passengers:

  • The boarding area without door separation allows unobstructed boarding and deboarding.
  • The open gangway area is separated from the compartments by a door to the gangway. The compartments are also separated from the gangway by compartment doors.
  • The seating arrangement – 3 seats with 2 seats opposite – creates the feeling of sufficient legroom for the passengers.
  • The seat spacing in first class is above the UIC standard.

The Inter-Regio coaches have a permitted top speed of 200 km/h in passenger operation and implement a very short braking distance with magnetic rail brakes.

As an RIC passenger coach, the Inter-Regio coach is approved for international passenger transportation.

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