Inter-Regio Passenger Coaches 1st Class Aimz, Model 261

The Aimz Inter-Regio passenger coach is a vehicle approved in accordance with the RIC regulatory requirements for use in passenger transportation in the RIC area. The vehicle model 261 was built between 1991 and 1993. As part of the acquisition of aesthetically striking coaches for Inter-Regio transportation, compartment coaches of types Am 203 or ABm 225 were used as ‘donor’ coaches.

The Aimz 261 coaches have a permitted top speed of 200 km/h in passenger operation and implement a very short braking distance. Magnetic rail brakes provide the coaches with a brake weight of 103 metric tonnes. Without magnetic brakes, the coach may run in Germany with a brake weight of 71 tonnes or 66 tonnes with up to 160 km/h.

As an RIC passenger coach, the coach is approved for international passenger transportation.

The Aimz 261 has over 50 first class seats and 4 folding seats. The Aimz 261 is frequently equipped with a closed WC system.

Many of the Aimz coaches are planned for a variety of voltage systems for power and can be operated with train line voltages of AC 1000 V 16.7 Hz, AC 1500 V 50 Hz, DC 1500 V, and DC 3000 V.

Model 261 uses Minden-Deutz 36 bogies, also abbreviated as MD 36 or called LD 36. This model of bogie is known in many countries and can accordingly be easily maintained on site.

Aimz 261 coaches are often operated in combination with Bimz 264 and Bimdz 268 coaches.

HEROS offers the Aimz 261 for lease and sale.

Photograph of First Class Rail Car Aimz 261 used as ICL

200km/h Long Distance RIC Caoch Aimz 261 passenger car 50 first class seats 4 flip-up seats ICL

Technical Data Inter-Regio Passenger Coaches 1st Class Aimz, Model 261

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Download technical data of Long Distance Cars Inter-Regio Passenger Coaches 1st Class Aimz, Model 261 in PDF-Format

maximum speed200km/h
total weight42t
entrance from platforms350mm ... 760mm
number of doors2 per side
type of doorsslam doors (revolving folding doors)
number of 1st class seats50
number of tip-up seats4
layout of passenger areafive compartments with 5 seats each and 3 areas with together 25 seats and 4 flip-up seats
illumination fluorescent lamps
toilet systemopen or vacuum
windowsfixed and sliding
bogie / truckMinden-Deutz 36 (MD36)
bogie wheel base2,500mm
wheel diameter, new950mm
wheel diameter, worn900mm
length over buffers26,400mm
lenght of car body26,100mm
distance between bogie pivots19,000mm
width of car body26,100mm
height of car body above top of rail4,050mm
smallest curve radius120m according to RIC
type of brakepneumatic disc brake with an electromagnetic rail brake (R KE-GPR-Mg (D) partly NBÜ, [ep])
number of brake-cylinders per bogie2
energy supplytrain line and static battery chargers
starter battery330Ah/24V