Dining Carriage WRmbz, Model 138

Carriage model 138 unites a multitude of functions in one coach and offers guests a modern ambience. The key sections of the carriage are:

  • galley with service counter
  • bistro area with four tables and standing room for approx. 16 people
  • restaurant area with four tables with four seats each, three tables with two seats each and one table with one seat
  • caterer's compartment with couchette and storage space
  • comfortable guard's compartment with passenger information counter, intercom, seating for two and storage cabinets
  • toilet for kitchen staff
  • large wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Model 138 carriages have RIC approval and can be operated at all UIC voltages (1000V / 16.7Hz, 1500V / 50Hz, 1500Vdc and 3000Vdc). The carriages are equipped with air-conditioning and private toilets. Minden-Deutz MD 36 bogies are used. The carriages have a maximum allowable speed (speed rating) of 200km/h.