Diesel Multiple Unit VT 628 / VM 928

The VT628 diesel multiple unit consists of two individual coaches in the basic configuration. With the availability of stronger and more reliable diesel engines, one vehicle was implemented as an engine coach and one vehicle as a driving trailer. With the VT 628, it is possible to drive up to four units in multiple traction.

The VT628 diesel multiple units reach a top speed of 120 km/h, depending on model. They offer 10 first class seats and 112 second class seats with a roomy seating arrangement.

Depending on the series, the engine performance is 357 kW, 410 kW, or 485 kW. Hydraulic gearing is used to transmit the traction force.

The VT628 diesel multiple units have the option of side-selective door release.

The individual coaches of the diesel multiple unit are connected via central buffer coupling. At the end of the multiple unit is a screw coupling in accordance with UIC with coupling hook and UIC buffers.

The vehicles of this model are used in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Luxemburg. Other multiple units are operated in Canada in a shuttle service in the Quebec area by the LeMassif Group.