SKPL acquires 3-car DMUs of 614/914 series

09.07.2019 // SKPL Cargo Sp. z o.o. purchases VT614/VM914 diesel multiple units

Polish transport company SKPL Cargo Sp. z o.o. (SKPL for short) has acquired the last multiple-unit train set of the 614/914 series owned by HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock. The diesel multiple unit expands the fleet of vehicles of this series that SKPL purchased in 2018 and that it already acquired back in 2017 from the assets in insolvency of a Polish company.

SKPL operates a total of five diesel multiple units of this series together with other diesel multiple units on various regional lines in Poland.

SKPL is a private railway company that developed from the Stowarzyszenie Kolejowych Przewoźników Lokalnych association established in 2001. SKPL is involved in transporting both freight and passengers and renders transport services on narrow-gauge and standard-gauge lines in various regions of Poland with more than 10,000 regular passenger trains each year.