ELBA acquires two locomotives from HEROS

01.02.2018 // ELBA acquires two BR218 locomotives previously leased from HEROS

At the end of 2017, ELBA Logistik bought two series 218 diesel locomotives that had previously been leased from HEROS.

The BR 218 256-6, leased since the end of 2015, and the BR 218 117-0, leased since mid-2017, have now been acquired by ELBA due to the very good experience it has had in operating them. HEROS had leased out the locomotives for several years – along with maintenance service that had been tailored to the respective lessee’s needs. For instance, within the framework of the pay-by-use contract, ELBA had carried out some of the maintenance itself and had directly commissioned repair shops for various maintenance services as well.

HEROS also has other series 218 locomotives, which are gradually being readied for operation and can either be offered for lease or for purchase with financing solutions.