Regional Coaches Bnrz

The Deutsche Bahn n-type coach fleet consisted of 5,000 passenger coaches.3,100 of the 5,000 coaches were second-class coaches (Bn, Bnr, Bnrz). Around 1,000 of these coaches have disk brakes ("r") and stationary battery chargers ("z").

Bnrz coaches typically have 96 second class seats and 4 folding seats.

A characteristic feature of the Bnrz coach is that especially advantageous values can be achieved for the following technical characteristics:

  • Good life cycle cost (LCC) values per km per coach.
  • Low empty weight per seat.
  • High number of seats per coach while still having generous room even for larger passengers.

Bnrz coaches are typically operated together with Bnrdz coaches with multipurpose area, ABnrz coaches with first class, and Bnrdzf driving trailers.

Bnrz coaches can be operated together with diesel locomotives, such as the BR218, or with electric locomotives.

HEROS offers the Bnrz coaches for sale and lease.

Photograph of Exterior of Bnrz

Technical Data Regional Coaches Bnrz

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maximum speed140km/h
total weight29t ... 33t
interchangeabilityGerman homologation
entrance from platforms350mm ... 760mm; Entrance height 550mm
number of doors2 doors with 2 leaves each per side
type of doorsslam doors (revolving folding doors)
number of 2nd class seats96
number of tip-up seats4
layout of passenger areathree areas with central corridor and bay-seating in 2+2 arrangement
illumination fluorescent lamps
toilet systemopen or vacuum
windowsfixed and sliding
bogie / truckMinden-Deutz 43 (MD43)
bogie wheel base2,500mm
wheel diameter, new950mm
wheel diameter, worn900mm
length over buffers26,400mm
lenght of car body26,100mm
distance between bogie pivots19,000mm
width of car body2,825mm
height of car body above top of rail4,050mm
type of brakepneumatic self-adjusting load-proportional disc brake (R KE-GPR-A (D))
number of brake-cylinders per bogie2
energy supplytrain line and static battery chargers
starter battery24V