Services of the HEROS Group

The service portfolio of HEROS includes the sale of passenger vehicles for local (sitting coaches) and long-distance (sitting coaches, couchette coaches, sleeper coaches, restaurant cars, and restaurant & buffet cars) transportation, of multiple units and locomotives. Together with its subsidiary HEROS Rail Rent GmbH, HEROS also offers the rental and leasing of select railway vehicles in countries with RIC membership and of diesel multiple units and diesel locomotives. Further services in this context can also be provided, rounding out the offers. These include, for example:

Based on the individual needs of a railway operator, economically proven concepts founded on the vehicle portfolio are developed, allowing successful passenger and freight transportation solutions.

For railway companies, operator companies, vehicle provider companies, and owners of railway vehicles, the marketing of their rolling stock will be optimally offered according to their individual guidelines and specifications. The extensive market understanding of HEROS with regard to technical demands for a wide variety of vehicles, the seasonal and economic special features of the different marketing regions, and the country-specific features in connection with the railway are coordinated and taken into account specific to the customer and vehicle.

HEROS supports the individual consumers in the preparation of technical adjustments, refurbishment services and/or conversions. Experts in the export of railway vehicles will advise you on railway vehicle issues which arise with the export of railway vehicles. Questions regarding financing, terms and securitisation of payment, export approval, and transportation organisation and performance will be jointly discussed and solved.