Services of the HEROS Group

The service portfolio of HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH and its subsidiaries is divided up into three main areas:

HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH and HEROS America Middle East Asia GmbH are the contacts for the sale of regional coaches for local transport (sitting coaches and passenger/baggage composite vehicles) and long distance transport (sitting coaches, couchette coaches, sleeping coaches, restaurant cars and bistro cars) and of multiple units and locomotives. The companies support each of their customers with concept-related advice for vehicle solutions tailored to the individual requirements. The HEROS Group is in a position to deliver solutions and concepts for a wide variety of transport offers and cost-effectively implement them with selected vehicle types according to what is needed.

Together with its subsidiary HEROS Rail Rent GmbH, HEROS also rents and leases selected railway vehicles in RIC countries, along with diesel multiple units and diesel locomotives. Various concepts are optimised to suit the customer’s preferences in this context, and additional services are rendered in connection with leasing and the intended railway rolling stock, thereby completing and rounding off the vehicle offers. The services that HEROS offers to its customers include the following:

  • the modification,
  • modernisation and
  • revision of vehicles,
  • training for traction unit drivers, maintenance, etc.,
  • vehicle evaluation and assessment,
  • service concepts, from full service to material service,
  • vehicle leasing – dry lease and more,
  • marketing of third-party vehicles,
  • fleet management and technical controlling

Depending on the railway operator’s specific needs, economically and technically proven concepts are worked out on the basis of the vehicle portfolio to enable the successful transport of passengers and freight. The goal is to comprehensively prepare and supervise the entire process with rail vehicles in railway transport on behalf of the customer. The goal is to comprehensively prepare and supervise the entire process of deploying rail vehicles in railway transport on behalf of the customer. When doing this, the individual customer preferences are always at the fore.

Moreover, surplus used rolling stock is marketed according to individual requirements and specifications for railway transport companies, operating companies, vehicle provision companies and owners of rail vehicles. The extensive market knowledge of HEROS with respect to technical requirements for a wide variety of vehicles is fine-tuned to match each customer and vehicle. The time-related and economic specifics of the various marketing regions inside and outside of Europe and the country-specific characteristics in connection with the railway are taken into account.

HEROS assists each consumer in preparing technical adaptations, refurbishment work and/or modification measures. Experts in rail vehicle export provide consultation on the various topics that come up with regard to the use of rail vehicles in other countries and in connection with export. Questions on financing, payment conditions and security, export licences and transport organisation, preparation and execution are jointly discussed and purposefully resolved.