HEROS Rail Rent GmbH acquires another Regio-Shuttle RS1 for spare parts

15.05.2024 // HEROS Rail Rent GmbH acquires another Regio-Shuttle RS1 for spare parts

The Regio-Shuttle RS1 BR 650.318, originally operated by DB Regio, was transported by Kübler Spedition from the Upper Swabia region to OWS in Weiden in der Oberpfalz at the beginning of May.

After having collided with a lorry and then left to sit at the site of the accident for years, the vehicle’s condition made transporting it by road on a low-bed trailer suitable for rail vehicles necessary. Considerable preparatory work and elaborate logistical planning were required for this. HEROS Rail Rent succeeded in finding competent partners capable of implementing the transport task smoothly. The company Clemens Bongartz Loktechnik performed the necessary preparatory work on the 650.318 in Herbertingen in order for Kübler Spedition to load and transport it. The unloading process in Weiden was aided by OWS Service für Schienenfahrzeuge.

Due to its severely damaged condition, this Series 3 Regio-Shuttle RS1 model (manufactured in 2005) is now only fit for use as a source of spare parts. This is the second salvage vehicle that HEROS Rail Rent has obtained for Regio-Shuttle. The large components thus acquired, such as bogies, power packs, etc., are yet another investment by HEROS in order to have essential spare parts and assemblies in addition to the spare parts packages already on hand for Regio-Shuttle RS1.

The HEROS Group has acquired a total of 55 Regio-Shuttle RS1s In recent years and will be purchasing at least another 20 vehicles of this type representing all series produced in the near future.

Before the vehicles are leased out or sold, they usually undergo a general inspection, component overhauls and, in some cases, extensive conversion work to meet the requirements of the particular customer.

The professionally refurbished components and parts obtained from the salvage vehicles serve as a spare parts inventory to speed up throughput times for necessary general inspections, and they are also used as replacement modules to ensure a supply of specific spare parts and large components for lease projects.

If needed, HEROS can also provide certain parts and components to third parties at short notice. HEROS has a portfolio of spare parts for use in Series 1 to 4 Regio-Shuttle RS1 models.
In addition to its inventory of materials for Regio-Shuttle RS1 models, HEROS has a large supply of spare parts and replacement modules, such as bogies and wheel bases, for main-line coaches as well.

Diesel Railbus RegioShuttle RS1 650 318 transport by road on a low bed trailer Photo Oliver Bartosch 

Photo: Oliver Bartosch