Additional HEROS 218 Series in Use at ELBA

07.09.2017 // ELBA is leasing a second 218 series diesel locomotive from HEROS

Since June 2017, HEROS Rail Rent has been leasing another 218 series diesel locomotive to ELBA Logistik GmbH.
The 218 series 117-0 previously in use by HSL Logistik is now stationed in Bietigheim-Bissingen together with the 218 series 256-6 that has been on lease since 2015. Along with other diesel locomotives of this series, ELBA Logistik is primarily using these two locomotives for freight and work trains. HEROS may temporarily lease the locomotives to other third parties whenever they have available capacities. ELBA Logistik will directly perform the routine maintenance or will outsource it to third parties. HEROS will contract the heavy maintenance work, however.