Rental and Leasing of Railway Vehicles

The rental and leasing of railway vehicles is offered for selected vehicle models in optimised vehicle concepts. The offer consists of the delivery of ready-for-use and customised sitting coaches, locomotives, and multiple units through conversion, overhaul, and refurbishment as well as additional service concepts in various versions.

HEROS Rail Rent GmbH
offers service and leasing solutions with a customised range of services. The following basic concepts are the starting points for an individual solution:

Dry Lease
The dry lease concept includes the delivery of vehicles without additional services on the part of HEROS. The maintenance of the vehicles, the acquisition of replacement parts, and further activities (conversion, refurbishment, revision, etc.) are carried out by the lessee on their own responsibility.

Material Service
The material service concept includes the delivery of the rental vehicles and the supply of replacement parts for on-site maintenance, taking into account agreed-upon vehicle kilometres travelled. HEROS has extensive knowledge of the replacement part needs for its vehicles depending on the parameters of use and the acquisition of specific replacement parts. A monthly flat rate is determined for rent and all replacement parts which are needed either planned or as part of the usual failures and failure rates.

Shared Service
The shared service concept is interesting to operators who have their own workshops, the logistical advantage of which should be considered in the overall usage concept. The lessor makes the vehicles available and authorises the workshops with the performance of the maintenance. The lessor makes them responsible for the proper service in compliance with the agreed-upon operating parameters. For the lessee, the monthly expense for rental and maintenance in normal operation is calculable based on a fixed, agreed-upon price. At the same time, the logistic expense is reduced and the workload of the operator’s workshops or those of third parties is optimised.

Full Service
In the full service concept, the lessor provides the leased vehicles in the desired version and performs the planned and corrective maintenance for them on its responsibility based on the agreed-upon operating parameters. The lessee takes on the responsibility for the timely maintenance of the vehicles and makes them available to the lessor again based on an agreed-upon maintenance plan. The leasing and maintenance flat rates cover the use of the vehicles, the maintenance, and the provision of the replacement parts, so that, with the exception of operation-specific risks such as accidents or vandalism, everything is covered by the leasing flat rate.

Additional Services
Financing concepts and solutions are as much a part of the service portfolio as other services for maintenance, technical adjustment, and approval, for which a detailed consultation with experts is required.