New services and testing for railway rolling stock

06.10.2015 // Cooperation between AREVA GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH in the marketing of testing services and test devices

AREVA/HEROS At the end of September 2015, AREVA GmbH and HEROS Rail Rent GmbH reached an agreement on the marketing of testing facilities and mobile testing of axles and wheels, as well as additional consulting, laboratory, and testing services in connection with the construction and maintenance of railway rolling stock. In the future, HEROS will market the extensive and wide-ranging expertise of AREVA to the rail market in the field of material testing and quality management. With its years of experience in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants, AREVA has thorough knowledge of both safety-related, high-stress mechanical systems and control engineering facilities and diagnostic systems. The business areas and customer relationships already developed by AREVA in the rail industry will be further extended with the help of its new partner. The goal is to establish additional services and mobile testing using the already familiar testing units and systems UFPE, AURA, and VPS, especially for medium-sized companies in the rail industry.