HEROS passenger coach permanently in use at Locomore

17.02.2017 // Locomore is permanently renting coaches from HEROS via a Pay by Use contract

Since mid-December 2016, Locomore has been renting two passenger coaches to transport passengers between Stuttgart and Berlin.
Following successful use of the two Bimz 264 during the launch of Locomore on the basis of a conventional rental agreement for a two-month period, the agreement has now been changed to a Pay by Use Contract. The coaches will be used by Locomore long term as additional coaches. In the HEROS Pay by Use concept, rental payments are only due for the days on which the passenger coaches are actually in use. For some time now HEROS Rail Rent has been successfully realising similar concepts with other clients in conjunction with the transfer of locomotives. In this context, HEROS Rail Rent has taken a conscious decision to offer a payment scheme aligned to the availability of the rail vehicles and also contributes to the capacity utilisation risks of its partners.