Fadak train of Rail Pardaz System Group

The Fadak train is a brand of night train transport in the Rail Pardaz System Group. The Rail Pardaz System Group is one of the most important operators in the railway system of Iran. The Fadak train is a comfortable sitting and sleeper coach train in Iran, currently travelling from Tehran to Qhom. Other routes are to follow in future.

The Fadak train was designed from second-hand Bomz and Bomdz type coaches that were specifically modified and modernised for this purpose. Specialists of the Rail Pardaz System Group in Iran have been refurbishing them since 2013. The compartments were redesigned in a modern, oriental style, holding at most 4 persons. A powerful air conditioner was installed according to country-specific requirements, the toilet facilities were remodelled and the vehicle’s electric system was adapted to national specifications.

The vehicles are capable of moving up to 200 km/h. This makes it possible to cover long distances relatively quickly while providing an attractive level of comfort at the same time.



Photographs of Fadak train in operation

Design of Fadak train - ornaments and more

The designers of the Fadak train created a unique design for a night train. A modern, sophisticated interior design and an oriental décor are intermingled both inside and outside of the compartments. Contemporary entertainment technology, video, air conditioning and a generous amount of space are provided for each passenger.



Comfort for your journey

The Rail Pardaz System Group offers its passengers 4 seats in each compartment. From the original 6 seats, each middle seat was removed and replaced by tables or entertainment systems. High-quality materials and an attractive colour scheme were selected for the flooring and the upholstery in the corridors and the compartments.



Fadak train by night

At night, the seats in the compartments can be transformed into comfortable berths. An additional folding berth is located above each seat and can be folded out as needed. Each compartment has 4 berths arranged in pairs above one another. Corresponding stowing options are provided for luggage.



A new train is born

While the vehicles were being refurbished in the workshops of the Rail Pardaz System Group, the entire interior furnishings and external components were removed from the coach body, which was lifted off of the bogies.

In addition, the coach body was also given a new colour scheme using multiple layers of paint once the required adaptations for air conditioning, insulation and electrical modifications had been undertaken. This was followed by the interior finishing work, at which time the newly conceived, technically high-quality design was realised in the vehicles.

Finally, the coach body was placed back onto the bogies, which had been overhauled separately from the coach body.



Painting of car-body

Maintenance of the bogie and car-body ready for being mounted on bogies