WRmz 134 RIC Restaurant Car

The type 134 restaurant cars were developed from type 133.1 WRmmz restaurant cars, which had already been modified in 2000 from type 135 WRmz restaurant cars. The previous current collectors were omitted, the associated assemblies removed and the roof recess closed. Deutsche Bahn had a total of 20 of these restaurant cars built.

Following the installation of passenger information, the renovation of the interior design and the installation of a closed WC system, the vehicles were operated as type 134.5 restaurant cars from 2001. These cars were the last remaining full restaurant cars operated by DB Fernverkehr AG.

The type 134 WRmz restaurant car was adapted to the gastronomy concept introduced by Deutsche Bahn in 2002 to allow pre-prepared meals and snacks to be cooked in the restaurant cars and offered to the passengers. This allowed a greater variety of foods to be prepared by a caterer before the trip, which were then heated up directly before being sold in the restaurant car. This cut out the time-consuming step of preparing meals from scratch. The resulting increase in the variety of foods that was able to be offered, quick service for the passengers and reduced personnel time investment were all pivotal for this development.

The cars have a central kitchen area approx. 20 m² in size, with a counter that opens up to the bistro area. The patrons can choose between a standing area with three tables (approx. 14 standing places and 12 seats) and a sitting area with 11 tables (approx. 34 seats). The kitchen is supplied with food and beverages via separate middle doors arranged on both sides. The retrofitted, closed WC system is located on the access side of the bistro area.

The cars, which have multi-voltage capability, were also in operation for international travel (Italy, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands).

After the vehicles were only allowed to be operated in pulled trains, DB Fernverkehr AG removed all of the cars from use despite the fact that they were in very good condition.