Regional Driving Trailer Coaches Bnrdzf for Push-Pull Train Operation - 480, 483

The Bnrdzf driving trailers are part of the former 5000 vehicle local transportation fleet of Deutsche Bahn. They were and are important for the economically significant use of push-pull or reversible operation.

Of the previously approx. 600 driving trailers of type n (Bnf, Bnzf, Bnrdzf), approximately 300 coaches are equipped with battery chargers and disc brakes.

Bnrdzf coaches typically have 64 second class seats and 18 folding seats in the multipurpose area. The multipurpose area is suitable for taking along, for example, bicycles, prams, or large pieces of luggage.

The special feature of Bnrdzf coaches is that these driving trailers can communicate with a very wide variety of locomotives following a wide variety of principles:

  • 36-pin discrete push-pull train controls of Deutsche Bahn, also conventional push-pull train controls for electric locomotives
  • 36-pin conventional push-pull train controls for diesel locomotives
  • Time division multiplex push-pull train controls via UIC cable in accordance with UIC 568 or information and control lead
  • Frequency division multiplex train controls via information and control lead 

Thanks to this variety of control options, Bnrdzf coaches can be used as driving trailers for trains composed of n-type coaches in front of diesel locomotives (e.g. BR218) and in front of electric locomotives (e.g. BR111), as well as in front of trains composed of any coaches with UIC lead in front of any locomotives with time division multiplex push-pull train controls.

Bnrdzf coaches are typically operated together with Bnrz coaches, ABnrz coaches with first class, and Bnrdz coaches.

Bnrdzf coaches can be operated together with diesel locomotives, such as the BR218, or with electric locomotives.

HEROS offers the Bnrdzf coaches for sale and lease.

Regional Control Car Bnrdzf with Driver Cab

Control car, regional coach, driving trailer type Bnrdzf. Possibility for remote-control of the locomotive in push-pull operation.

Technical Data Regional Driving Trailer Coaches Bnrdzf for Push-Pull Train Operation - 480, 483

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Download technical data of Regional Cars Regional Driving Trailer Coaches Bnrdzf for Push-Pull Train Operation - 480, 483 in PDF-Format

total weight34t ... 40t
number of 2nd class seats72+10 / 56+20 / 46+18 / 32+26 / 36+22 / 64+14 / 64+16
Layout of the multi-purpose area (or multipurpose compartment):flip-up seats in multi-purpose area
push-pull train control / remote controlconventional 36 pole line, ZWS/FMZ
type of brakepneumatic self-adjusting load-proportional brake (R KE-GPR-A mz (D))