RIC BDcmz 874.1 Couchette Coach

The BDcmz 874.1 passenger/baggage composite vehicles were developed by modifying type 246 Bocmh couchette coaches, which in turn had originated from modernised type 243 standard couchette coaches. Four compartments were removed on coach end 1 and converted to a baggage area.

Whenever passengers are travelling with a lot of baggage or with bulky items – day or night – a passenger/baggage composite vehicle is a convenient way to stow it and bring it along. The type 874.1 RIC BDcmz couchette coach provides holders for approx. 20 bicycles, or the generous baggage area can accommodate a comparable quantity of bulky baggage. Thus even groups of bicycle travellers can be transported along with their bicycles on an overnight train.

The BDcmz 874.1 coaches are accessed via swinging-sliding doors on each end and have six compartments – with six seats or couchette beds each – that are connected via a corridor on one side, along with a baggage area approx. 24 m² in size with a wide swinging-sliding door on each side of the vehicle for loading and unloading bicycles, baggage and bulky items. In addition, there is also a conventional conductor compartment. It is possible for the passengers to go from the compartments to the baggage area.

The BDcmz 874.1 couchette coach is an RIC passenger coach and can be operated with the train busbar voltages typical in Europe (1000 V and 1500 V AC, 1500 V and 3 kV DC). The BDcmz 874.1 coaches are air-conditioned and are equipped with a closed WC system and two washing rooms. The BDcmz 874.1 coaches with their MD 36.5 bogies are authorised for operating speeds up to 200 km/h. The vehicles were in use in overnight railway service in Germany and neighbouring countries until 2016.

Technical Data RIC BDcmz 874.1 Couchette Coach

(for information only)


maximum speed200 km/h
unladen weight44 t
energy (od. power) supply system1000 V AC 16.7 Hz, 1500 V AC 50 Hz, 1500 V DC, 3000 V DC
entrance from platforms350 mm ... 760 mm
number of doors1 per side
type of doorsswinging-sliding door
number of couchette beds36 seats / couchette beds in 6 compartments
illumination fluorescent tubes
service compartmentyes
toilet systemvacuum system
windowsfixed windows, some of them with a hinged fanlight
loading doors1 swinging-sliding door per side
bogie / truckMD36.5
bogie wheel base2,500 mm
wheel diameter, new950 mm
wheel diameter, worn900 mm
length over buffers26,400 mm
lenght of car body26,100 mm
distance between bogie pivots19,000 mm
width of car body2,825 mm
height above top of rail4,050 mm
buffers, draw hook, screw couplingUIC
type of brake KE-GPR (D) [ep] [NBÜ]
braked weight / mass 75t, R 70t, P 52t, G 41t
energy supplytrain busbar, static battery charter and power inverter
starter battery24 V, 385 Ah