Double Deck Driving Trailer Coaches DABuzfa 778

The DABuzfa 778 double-decker driving trailers have 29 1st class seats and 64 2nd class seats. Both first and second class offer seats on the upper level, lower level, and at the ends of the coach. Thus a PMR-compliant access for both classes at platforms of approximately 550 mm above rail level is guaranteed.

The coaches have a permitted top speed of 120 km/h. The boarding area is approximately 600 mm above the rail level and is therefore suitable for the requirement for low-floor boarding.

The driving trailers are equipped with 34-pin discrete push-pull train controls of Deutsche Bahn, as well as conventional push-pull train controls.

DABuzfa 778 double-decker driving trailers are typically used in train combinations together with DBuza 747 or DBuza 749 double-decker centre coaches. Currently, the double-decker coaches are often used with electric locomotives, less often with diesel locomotives, such as the BR218, as well.

HEROS offers double-decker coaches for regional transportation of type DABuzfa 778 for sale.

Picture of Dosto Cab Car DABuzfa 778

Driving trailer coach DABuzfa 778. Double decker passenger car for push-pull operation

Technical Data of Double Deck Coach Car DABu(z)fa 778

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Download technical data sheet for Double Deck Coach Car DABu(z)fa 778 in PDF format



Entrance from platforms:

350mm ... 760mm

Entrance height:

approx. 600mm

Doors per side:

2 doors with 2 leaves each

Type of doors:

slide plug doors

Number of first class seats:


Number of standard class seats:


Layout of low-floor passenger area:

1 multi-purpose area with 11 seats and space for up to 2 prams next to vestibule; PMR-toilet; first class sitting area

Layout of upper floor passenger area:

standard sitting area and first class sitting area

Layout of passenger area at ends of coach:

1 standard sitting area (one end); first class sitting area (near driver’s cabin)


1 PMR-toilet

Type of toilet system:

open or vacuum


fixed and partly with flap in upper window area


German homologation

Top speed in passenger operation:


Bogie type:

Görlitz VI S-Do

Total weight:


Length over buffers:


Length of car-body:


Width of car-body:


Height of car-body above top of rail:


Wheel-base (bogie):




Brake type:

pneumatic self-adjusting load-proportional disc brake with an additional brake  (R KE-R-A mZ (D))

Energy supply:

train line and static battery chargers

Lighting:fluorescent lamps