Bvcmz 248.5 Couchette Coach

Type 248.5 couchette coaches are a key component of overnight trains, with available seating during the day that is comparable to that of compartment coaches. At night, the bench seats are used as couchette beds, and other couchette beds are folded down so that each passenger can be provided with a place to lie down. Thanks to this high efficiency, couchette beds can be offered at prices that are more economical when compared to conventional sleeping coaches in overnight trains.

The Bvcmz 248.5 couchette coach made up a significant portion of the DB Autozug couchette coach fleet. Where currently available, couchette coaches of this type can be operated in the voltage systems of 1000 V ~ 16.7 Hz, 1500 V ~ 50 Hz, 1500 V - and 3000 V - and are thus able to be deployed in many countries in Europe. They are equipped with a closed WC system. The coaches are authorised as RIC coaches and therefore are accepted for operation in many countries and frequently have the advantage of simplified acceptance of their authorisation.

Bvcmz 248 coaches are compartment coaches equipped with air conditioning. Type 248.5 coaches have 10 compartments, with 6 seats / couchette beds per compartment. Moreover, there are two WC rooms, three washing rooms, a common room for the crew and places for storing consumable supplies together in one vehicle, which, among other things, is intended for stowing food and beverages and providing space to prepare them.

The Bvcmz 248 coaches ride on Minden-Deutz 36.7 bogies. Unlike the subtypes of this class of couchette coaches, the bogies of the Bvcmz 248.5 are equipped with electromagnetic rail brakes, and thus the authorisation allows for speeds of up to 200 km/h.

Technical Data of Bvcmz 248.5 Couchette Coach

(for Information only)



Boarding from platform heights:

350 mm ... 760 mm

Doors per side:


Access door:

hinged-folding door

Number of seats during the day:

60 seats in 10 compartments

Number of couchette beds at night:

60 couchette beds in 10 compartments

Conductor compartment:

with a couchette bed and a place to prepare coffee and tea

Washing rooms:





vacuum system (Semvak-Mini)


fixed windows, some of them sliding windows

Air conditioning:


Cooling output, electric:

25 kVA

Heating output:

36 kVA



Maximum speed:

200 km/h



Unladen weight:

47 t

Length over buffers:

26,400 mm

Length of the coach body:

26,100 mm

Railcar body width:

2,825 mm

Height above rail top edge:

4,050 mm

Distance between bogie pivots:

19,000 mm

Bogie wheel base:

2,500 mm

Wheel diameter, new:

950 mm

Wheel diameter, worn:

900 mm

Smallest unconstrained curve radius, acc. to RIC:

120 m

Small unconstrained curve radius, uncoupled:

80 m

Buffers, coupling hook, coupling:


Brake system:

<R> KE-GPR-Mg (D) NBÜ and [ep]

Braking weights:

<R>+Mg 109 t, <R> 77 t, R 74 t, P 57 t, G 44 t

Brake cylinders per bogie:


Power supply:

train busbar, static battery charter and power inverter

Voltage systems:

1000 V AC 16.7 Hz, 1500 V AC 50 Hz, 1500 V DC, 3000 V DC

Operation with a diesel locomotive:



24 V, 385 Ah

Lighting:fluorescent tubes