Sleeper cars for luxury train holidays

14.07.2016 // Sale of Bcm couchette coaches to Danube-Express Hungary Ltd.

At the beginning of July 2016 HEROS will have delivered three Bcm 242 couchette coaches to Hungarian train operator Danube-Express Hungary Ltd.

The coaches, which are capable of a maximum speed of 160 km/h, were being replaced following their use in charter services by BTE BahnTouristikExpress GmbH. They will now be completely gutted and the interiors remodelled in line with the design vision of Danube Express.

The vehicles are set to be used as luxury sleeper cars for train holidays in Europe and Asia and will offer passengers a roomy interior with an exclusive atmosphere. The sleeping cabins will be designed for two people and will feature an ensuite bathroom. The complete interior design and furnishings will be revamped and creatively adapted to provide a sophisticated space and meet top-quality design specifications.

All coaches will be equipped with a powerful air conditioner to ensure passenger comfort in any weather conditions. The vehicles will complement the existing fleet of Danube Express Hungary Ltd.



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