Diesel Multiple Unit VT614 / VM914

The VT614 diesel multiple unit has three coaches in the basic configuration. The individual coaches of the diesel multiple unit are connected via central buffer coupling. At the end of the multiple unit is a screw coupling in accordance with UIC with coupling hook and UIC buffers.

The two end coaches of the multiple unit are equipped with an engine system. The centre coach has a heating system independent of the engines. This design allows the multiple units to operate in compositions of 2 to 4 coaches.

The VT614 diesel multiple units reach a top speed of 140 km/h. They have 32 first class seats and 312 second class seats. The seating spacing is generous. The vehicles have an air suspension for high riding comfort.

The VT614/VM914 diesel multiple units were equipped with D 3650 HM 12 U diesel engines from the manufacturer MAN. Some of the multiple units were later reequipped with QSK19 engines from the manufacturer Cummins, which are also used, for example, in multiple units of the type VT605.

Diesel multiple units of this design are used internationally. In Poland and Romania, they are used in state railways and private rail companies, come with converted engine coaches.