Diesel-Electrical Locomotive BR 234

The BR 234 diesel locomotives were a development of the 132 class (232, 233, 234, 241 and 754). From 1970 onwards they were used at Deutsche Reichsbahn (German national railway in the former GDR) for passenger and goods traffic. They were manufactured in the Voroshilovgrad (Luhansk) locomotive plant.

For IR (interregional) and IC (intercity) services in the new German federal states after reunification, there was an urgent need for powerful, fast diesel locomotives for speeds of 140 km/h with correspondingly high tractive power. From 1991, the maximum speed of the 132 class was increased to 140 km/h. The first rebuilt locomotives achieved a maximum speed of 145 km/h in test runs. The locomotives capable of 140 km/h were given the class designation 234, where the 4 is intended to indicate the new maximum speed and the serial number was retained. A total of 64 locomotives were rebuilt. The class BR234 locomotives are supplied by a (heating) train line.

For use in push-pull train operation a time-division multiplexing system for reversible trains was installed in 23 locomotives. The BR234 is generally fitted with a Deutsche Bahn 36-pin discrete train control system (conventional train control system). However, all long-distance coaches and many driving trailers of DB Regio AG have a time-division multiplexing system that communicates with the locomotives via UIC cable to UIC 568.

Until 2015, class 234 locomotives were being used by Deutsche Bahn e.g. in the Berlin-Warsaw express.

The BR 234 has a separate generator that supplies the train’s (heating) train line. The BR234 locomotive has a separate traction generator and the above mentioned heating generator. DC series-wound motors are used as traction motors and are designed as axle-hung motors. The train heating is realised via an envelope converter and reactive current compensation, which also allows air conditioners to be operated on the (heating) train line.

The BR234s of HEROS Helvetic Rolling Stock GmbH have a Kolomna diesel engine 5 D 49/16 Tsch N 26/26. They generate a diesel engine output of 2200-2940 kW. The Diesel-electric locomotives BR234 are offered for purchase.

Photos of Diesel-Electrical Locomotive Engine BR 234

Diesel electrically powered Co'Co' locomotive BR 234 with time-division multiplexing system for reversible trains ZWS
Diesel-electrically driven locomotive from Luhanskteplovoz-factory in Luhansk / Voroshilowgrad. 2200kW. Co'Co'. BR234. With generator for electric train line.
Diesel electrically powered locomotive BR 234. Produced by Voroshilovgrad/Luhansk factory. 2200kW. For passenger trains and for freight trains.
Diesel electric locomotive consist with Kolomna diesel engine 5 D 49/16 Tsch N 26/26 2200kW ... 2940kW

Technical Data of Diesel Electrically Powered Locomotive Consist BR 234

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Download technical data of locomotive engine BR234 in PDF format


Maximum operating speed:

140 km/h

Engine output:

2208 kW

Total weight:

121 t

Tractive effort on starting:

255 kN

Continuous tractive effort:

200 kN


in Germany

Axle arrangement:


Diesel engine:

Kolomna 5 D 49 /16 Tsch N 26/26

Rated speed:

1000 /min

Fuel tank:

4,000 litres

Drive motor:

DC series-wound motor

Type of drive motor:


Output drive motor:

305 kW

Brake type:


Length over buffers:

20,820 mm

Total wheel base:

16,050 mm

Distance between bogie pivots:

11,980 mm

Bogie wheel base:

3,700 mm

Width of locomotive body:

2,950 mm

Height above rail top edge:

4,590 mm above top of rail

Maximum axle load:

21 t

Traction wheel diameter:

1,050 mm (new) / 952 mm (worn)

Push-pull train control:

ZWS (time-division multiplexing reversible train control), ZDS (time-division multiplexing double heading control)

Workshop supply:DC 110V and AC 220V 50Hz